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House Sessions - a new way to connect with people around New York City.

JANUARY 27, 2017

In our latest House Sessions, we introduce Corey (and Willoughby), two inevitably interesting and dynamic personalities that have so many important messages to share with the world. Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, meet Corey Wash, an illustrator and artist who lets her artwork speak for herself. We got the chance to sit and chat with her about where she gets her inspiration from and how to make conscious "cool".  
All photography/videography by Amina Gingold.
Interview by Bodeline K. Dautruche.

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INTRODUCING THE TURF @ In Support Of : FW17 Market, FEBRUARY 20 - 28

a collaborative showroom concept

The market we encounter is a difficult one so we want to rethink how we do things. Since 2010, we’ve operated as a showroom focusing on the traditional method of obtaining sales for emerging designers. As a reaction to seeing the market shift we feel the need to create an accessible and curated space that gives an opportunity to young designers. This announces our shifted focus from the standard showroom model to a collaborative space.

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