In Support Of as a brand embodies the representation, collaboration, and curation of emerging talent. We seek to work with talent from all cultural industries that we believe are creating work that is of quality, innovation, and a reflection of the current times. In 2010, ambitious and searching for a showroom that supported talented designers with unique perspectives, Tanya Sheikh decided to create her own. The Showroom @ In Support Of is a multi label showroom that represents independent creatives based primarily in New York. We value the artistry of the brands we represent and work closely with the designers to understand the narrative and perspective behind their collections. We create an environment where our creatives can flourish to their best ability. We seek to position our brands with outlets that appreciate the ethos of their brands.

In 2014, in extension of the showroom, Tanya partnered with friend Ivan Gilkes to create the retail concept store that is also In Support Of. The store, carrying the showroom’s core beliefs, became a destination brick-and-mortar shop and e-commerce site where women who find significance in craftsmanship can find timeless pieces for their wardrobe. We feature clothing and other items that are unique, detail oriented, and well constructed. We love garments that have a voice and tell a story, designs with an innate sense of beauty in a wide palette of colors and prints.

At the core of its mission, In Support Of aims to promote charitable causes and create a sense of community wherever it seeks to plant roots. We aim to make an impact where needed and hope to grow to the point where we can provide constant support from season to season. We believe in bringing people together and showcasing talent.

In Support Of’s pop up concept boutique in Culver City, Los Angeles will be an extension of the work we do in New York City, therefore, we are very excited to announce the very talented people we will be collaborating with.


 For the lifestyle section of the boutique Adele Tetangco, co-founder of Garmentory, the online marketplace dedicated to indie boutiques and emerging designers, has curated a selection of her favorite under-the-radar lifestyle brands for an eclectic mix of cool-girl home goods. “We’re so excited to partner with In Support Of for this pop-up in Culver City,” said Tetangco. “The lifestyle category on Garmentory has been rapidly expanding. As well as our community in Los Angeles! The chance to curate a group of designers we love in this tangible way, while supporting an amazing cause, is really exciting.”

The Garmentory-curated lifestyle section will feature: DOUCEMENT textiles, NA NIN apothecary, CRAIGHILL key chains, LOST BOY greeting cards, LINDSAY HAMPTON ceramics, CONCRETE CAT home accessories, STRATHCONA stockings and masks, LISSU LINEN textiles, GRAF LANTZ office and home accessories, CAMILLA ENGSTROM prints, JULIE THEVENOT home accessories, YYY ceramics, and KUARTO planters.


Kuarto, originally spelt with a “c”, stands for “room” in Spanish, is located in Long Beach California. Founded by two brothers originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, their shop is stocked with a thoughtful selection of goods for home and life. Their aim is to be a one-stop shop for everything home, including an assortment of pottery, housewares, kitchenware, apothecary, and accessories for plants along with one off furniture. In curating the fixtures for the In Support of pop up concept store we drew color inspiration from sculptor and performance artist Erwin Wurm’s 2006 The Artist Who Swallowed the Word and 2007’s Mental Pink sculpture. We love the graphic nature and color story of these pieces.


Inner-City Arts, widely regarded as one of the nation’s most effective arts education providers, is an oasis of learning, achievement and creativity in the heart of Skid Row, and a vital partner in the work of creating a safer, healthier Los Angeles. Under the guidance of professional teaching artists, Inner-City Arts’ students are immersed in a safe and supportive environment where they engage in a variety of visual and performing art forms in studio and theater settings.

Children who attend Inner-City Arts develop skills that are highly valued in the 21st-century workforce such as collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. Inner-City Arts’ services include classes during the instructional day for elementary students, after-school, weekend and summer workshops for teens, and creativity-based professional development for educators.

In Support Of will be donating a part of profits from sales and will be accepting donations for Inner-City Arts, since we believe that our youth are vital to the future of our creative communities. Inner-City Arts will be showcasing artwork from some of their middle and high school student’s graphic design classes, since we feel it is important for the public to see the quality of work they will be supporting.

We look forward to seeing in Los Angeles!

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