INTERVIEW: E R I C H O L B R E I C H – H O U S E O F 9 5 0

House of 950, the New York City based unisex line, has long been a partner of In Support Of.  What's exciting about the line is they playful way the line interprets new silhouettes, with pieces like The Twist Dress, Giant Tee, and more.  We asked Eric Holbreich a few questions about the line in preparation for our meet and greet today. Read on to learn more about the House.

Tell us about House of 950. What is it? What is your involvement?

House of 950 is a lifestyle brand that focuses on the reaction between the clothing and the person, awkward beauty, is actively charming, and explores comfort and ease within austerity and simplicity. The House does not have a fixed inspiration and instead designs each collection as an evolving series, allowing us to explore within our own world and aesthetic. I founded this company 4 years ago. 

Descartes said “I think therefore I am, the House says “we are therefore we do”. 

Where is your collection made, can you tell us more about the process?

Everything is made in NYC! We do not focus on trends, but instead design our clothing as a series of iterations of pattern making concepts that we discover in our exploration of ideas and in our surrounding environment. The House is a metaphor for our own lives, not just focusing on clothing, but the purpose behind it and what it means to create. 

What kind of community are you building?

I want to create a community of relaxed easy fashion that is chic but also comfortable. This mix of identities is central to the brands DNA, it’s almost a personality. An exploration of creativity surrounded by great company. 

Why Los Angeles?

Because you guys are here! And I feel like people in LA kind of just get it, they understand House and the brand identity.

What was the last thing that made you laugh?

The other day I woke up and I could have sworn I had an apple notification in my brain. Like it slid down and appeared on the top right of my periphery. Now whenever I think about that it cracks me up. 

What are you in support of?

I am in support of anyone who is brave enough to do their own thing.  

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