Calle Del Mar is a line that we have stocked and continue to appreciate for it's youthful vibe and playful fabrications. The line is referential but the way designer Aza Ziegler plays with her fabrications makes it modern and most of all fun.  We asked Aza a few questions in preparation for our meet and greet with her at our Platform LA pop-up.  Read on to find out about who she sees as her ideal customer and her quest to get verified by Instagram.

Tell us about Calle del Mar. What is it? What is your involvement?

Calle Del Mar is a womenswear line made in Los Angeles that draws influence from CA surf/skate culture in the 60's and 70s. CDM is also heavily inspired vintage USA made athletic wear . The CDM line is colorful and effortless. I am the founder and wear many hats- from designer the clothes to shipping the orders I am involved in every part of the process from start to finish

Your personality is so central to your brand, how does it affect how you grow your collection?

 I have always been obsessed with vintage clothing and the 60's california culture that I didn't live through. Calle Del Mar very much came from that obsession and has now taken on a life of its own. I live the lifestyle of my brand so as I shift and grow, so does CDM. I don't put out anything that I wouldn't want to wear myself.

What kind of community are you building?

I am building a community of people who are adventurous in their color choices & style as they are in their lives. I like to think of my customer as easy going & fun! People who are quirky and effortlessly themselves. I love to share all of my interests and hobbies with my cdm community, whether it be watching 60's beach movies, taking a road trip,  running through wildflower filled national parks, surfing, listening to oldies on my record player or watering my garden. I want everyone to be apart of the CDM community because its fun and care free! I love learning about the broad range of people that are drawn to my brand and why.  I am also building of a community of people who care about who makes their clothes, how they made and where. I care about this earth a lot and the people on it. So I try my best to do everything as sustainably and ethically as possible. 

Why Los Angeles?

As a native Californian I feel like this state is part of me. Since the brand is inspired by this vintage CA lifestyle I knew it would only be a matter of time until I based myself here. I like how Los Angeles is a city but also has nature. As much as I love New York- I couldn't drive through the winding hills in my bikini on a sunny day with the sun roof open and the beach boys blasting. I mean come on- summer all year round?!

 What was the last thing that made you laugh?

Thats always a tough question. My BFF's and I live all over the map, being together in one place is a rarity. So most of our relationships with one another live on the phone. We have a constant a text chain - and someone  is making me fall of my chair in the middle of the work day laughing very consistently. Today? My best friend Caroline visited Instagram head quarters and I was trying to get her to flirt her way into getting me verified...didn't work, but had me LOL-ing for a good hour

What are you in support of?

Quality clothing, fair wages and strong females running the business.

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