Q&A: Natural Annie Essentials

ISO: What is the name of your collection, and how did you settle on that name? 

Annie: The name of my brand is NaturalAnnie Essentials, and this name goes back to the birth of the idea of my business and how I opted for a more natural way of life through the use of essential oils to heal my daughter's skin. Most people calls me Annie, instead of Annya (which is my birth name), so NaturalAnnie Essentials was the infusion of me going natural through the use of essential oils.


ISO: Where are you from? Has that influenced your collection? If so, how?                     

Annie: I am originally from the beautiful island of Jamaica and that has inspired my brand in every possible way. From the herbs we use to the colors, and our overall tropical vibes.

ISO: What song is stuck in your head? 

Annie: Dun Rich by Popcaan

ISO: Who has inspired you in the past?                                                                                   

Annie: My grandmother and great-grandmother are a major influence in my life. I grew up with these women and experienced how they approached health and healing, and I find myself more and more gravitating toward that lifestyle of the old school natural. They are also plant addicts, which I proudly own up to now.

ISO: What are you in Support Of?                                                                                     

Annie: I'm in support of women supporting women FOR REAL!, not just for social media, not just for the hype, but for REAL REAL! If I'm doing great she's there to cheer me on, and if I mess up, she's gonna be there letting me know without a doubt that i messed up- and let's fix that!

Tanya SheikhComment