Tamia Blue: Artist

We’re featuring the work of artist Tamia Blue as part of our focus shop In Support Of: US. Read on to understand the inspirations behind her work as well as take a look at two of the pieces that are available from us, in store and online!


TB: My paintings have always revolved around the power of the black female’s physical form, and the mental state of our community. This includes my own— I paint what I know, what I’ve felt, and who I am. My goal is to be as vulnerable and open as possible through my art because in my experience, I often view it as the only depiction of myself that I can put out into the real world that won’t be played up and glamorized by superficial social media constructs. My art is where you’ll find both sides of my story.


The Race To Sanity is my latest and favorite piece. The wave of mental health and self care that blossomed in our generation was a blessing nonetheless, but there are parts of it that weeded it’s way in as a toxic trend. Spiritual evolution and growing in all ways as a woman, has never been a simple enough process that you could hop on a bandwagon for. As amazing as it is that everyone is promoting self care and love amongst women, when it comes as a trend, you have to question how genuine it truly is. My piece represents the evolved, the woman in route to progressing in their journey, and the women trampling other women on their way to the top. The idea that you have to appear more spiritually evolved and “on top” of all other women is definitely a counterproductive mental state that has always pushed me to dig deeper. As an artist and an overall creative in the industry I feel as if it’s something we’ve all dealt with, and acknowledging that demon is an amazing start to breaking the cycle.


The Epitome of Freedom is the first piece I created after I truly found my voice as an artist. I have this portion of my soul that is purely euphoric, and this piece is the direct offspring of that portion of me. It’s a piece made entirely of love and acceptance amongst women. It’s a space that’s one with the earth, the life we create, and cherishes sisterhood. The figures in my images are all based off the form of the woman who created them. I view the group settings and activities in a lot of my pictures as different parts of me interacting, per rituals of self love & reflection. Your soul, your mind, and your heart linked up, what’s it gonna look like? “

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