How to wear: Arcana Lilith Dress


We’re excited about our eco and sustainable focus: Love Green and loved doing the photoshoot for this collection of designers we’re introducing. One of the stand-out pieces in this feature is the Arcana Lilith Dress that inspired our model Tanya Angelique and provided the feature image for this focus.


Arcana is a NYC/Brooklyn based brand founded by Arianna Reagan in 2015 that produces sustainably in the Garment District of New York.  We’ve worked with her previously in our collaborative showroom The Turf @ In Support Of and were extremely impressed by her use of vintage kimono textiles for luxe bombers and fanny packs as well as the range of silk staples that she’s been introducing into her collection. Arcana is “named for the trump cards of the Tarot deck that weave narrative of a soul’s journey through life.” In this sense, Reagan seeks to create pieces that become staples of our wardrobes that we’ll remember fondly in our past, present, and future.

The Lilith Dress can’t be a better representation of this ethos! A multi-tiered silk charmeuse slip that draws inspiration from 1930s lingerie, this dress can be worn multiple ways. 

Of the dress, Reagan writes:

The Lilith Dress was actually inspired by my friend Sara who co-owns a vintage store in Bushwick called Chess & The Sphinx that focuses on 80s and 90s vintage, but also carry gorgeous 1930s bed jackets, slips, robes and kimonos. There’s another thing about my friend Sara— she is one of four sisters, and has dozens of cousins, all pretty close in age. So, between them and her friends, she’s constantly going to weddings. She was always lamenting how she would have to go out and buy a pile of dresses she was bound to wear only once. I sort of fixated on that idea. 

We have all been familiarized with sustainable materials and sustainable manufacturing….but what if there was a sustainability of design concept too? The bride who hems her wedding dress to the knee and has it dyed a different color is a do-it-yourself example of that. But there’s no reversing that decision. I started to think about a dress that could be worn to weddings, but then shortened to wear on date night or to a party. Once I came up with the concept of the hidden button plackets, I realized that a dress that has four different possible incarnations is not only possible, but with creative styling, can be reimagined in any number of ways.

Obviously, this dress is an all-of-the-above answer to the question ”What can I wear to this??”


In its complete form the dress is full length and flowing with two tiers of cascading chevron ruffles. The dress features detachable ruffles along the straps that can be worn along the straps, and attached across the front and back necklines for a different effect. They can also be removed entirely for a more streamlined effect.


Remove one of the tiers with the use of the hidden button plackets behind each flounce and you have a cocktail dress that can be worn to events but also paired with a t-shirt and sneakers for a more casual look.


Lastly, remove the middle tier and you have a camisole that you can wear for a multitude of occasions. Reagan adds, “I have to say that the variation that is most exciting to me is the camisole. You can buy a full-length gala-worthy gown and feel like a 1930s starlet… and then wear just the bodice of that gown with vintage jeans and sneakers and go out to your favorite dive bar with your friends! In New York, women wear many hats throughout the day, and we need our clothing to keep up. The Lilith Dress can be transformed into the perfect piece for all the varied facets of our lives.” We’re featuring the dress in three shades, Tumeric, Paprika, and Apricot so basically the sky is the limit when it comes to wearing this dress.

Ivan GilkesComment