MyuM- Green Peas Family

MyuM- Green Peas Family


The Green Peas family is suitable for children from birth (0+). 
It is 6.3 in length and 2.4 in diameter. 
It is machine washable (30°). 
It is natural, ecofriendly and educational.

The Green Peas family is a veggy rattle all hand-made from organic plant fibers.
It consists of a pod and three peas of different sizes, each containing a rattle. 
To create the Green Peas, it takes a lot of skill and patience. 
+ 6 hours of work, 
+ 120 meters of 100% organic cotton string, 
+ 40 g of cotton flower, 
+ 3 rattle to make them sing, 
and much, much, much love. 

100% Organic cotton
Designed in France
Cruelty free
Suitable for newborn

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