MyuM- Simon Lemon

MyuM- Simon Lemon


Simon Lemon is suitable for children from birth (0+), but it's dedicate to children from 5 to 12 years old.
On the flower side it measures 5.9 in height and 8.3 in diameter.
On the lemon side, 4.7 in height and 3.5 in diameter. 
It is machine washable (30°). 
It is natural, ecofriendly and educational.

Simon Lemon is a reversible toy. 
Shaped flower, it turns into lemon. 
With Simon, children learn that before making a lemon, 
Mother Nature produces a small flower which later became this cute citrus. 
Simon Lemon is hand-made from organic plant fibers.
To create Simon, it takes a lot of skill and patience. 
+ 10 hours of work, 
+ 140 meters of 100% organic cotton yarn,
and much, much, much love.

100% Organic cotton
Designed in France
Cruelty free
Reversible soft toy

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