ARCANA Lilith Convertible Slip Dress - Tumeric

ARCANA Lilith Convertible Slip Dress - Tumeric


This beautiful silk charmeuse slip dress, inspired by 1930’s lingerie, can be transformed into four different garments. Beneath each chevron-shaped flounce is a hidden button placket, allowing the full-length dress to become a figure-skimming cocktail dress, a flowing gathered sundress, and a slinky camisole. Ruffled drop sleeves can be unbuttoned from the inside of the camisole at the armhole, and attached across the front and back necklines, or removed entirely for a more streamlined look. 

Made of 100% Silk.

Color: Turmeric

Made in NYC

Dry Clean Only.

💚 ARCANA is a sustainable brand that pledges to 1. use only materials that are produced with respect for the planet 2. to only invest in companies who comply with strict environmental and ethical standards 3. to always strive to support traditional textile industries so that their art and heritage gains access to the discerning contemporary market, thereby finding the support necessary to thrive 4. to maintain a transparent supply chain so our conscientious customers know that their clothing was made sustainably and with the care and quality that only results from the skilled work of human hands 5. to use New York Garment District manufacturers whenever possible so that we can ensure that the people who make your clothes work in a safe environment and are paid a fair wage AND 6. to constantly strive to outdo ourselves each season, by finding more efficient, sustainable business practices that invest in the future of our planet.

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