WINSOME Elena Dress

WINSOME Elena Dress


The Elena dress can be worn over pants as a tunic or as a dress for the warmer months. It is made from a combination of a sheer cotton voile top and heavy linen skirt and sleeves, its weight is the distinctive element of this garment. Pockets in the sides, and tiny pop of yellow in back button hole make this piece extra special.

100% Linen (Main), 100% cotton (upper)

Made in Minneapolis

💚 Winsome Goods is a design house and production studio based in Northeast Minneapolis. Their mission is to create unique and sustainable garments that do not adhere closely to a specific trend, fad, or seasonality. They are made to fit a range of body shapes and styles. Since all of our product is produced in their own studio, they are able to cut down on the wasted materials and resources in transportation. Even the fabrics they use are selected based on sustainability and ease of care. All of our materials are either natural - including silk, wool, and linen, or synthetics sourced only as recycled or deadstock. The pieces created are easy to care for and rarely dry clean only. They are part of the movement toward functional, versatile and sustainable design while focusing on the people most intimately connected with the production of the garment - the producers.

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