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a collaborative showroom concept


So another season has gone by and we are extremely pleased with our SS18 market showing!

In  2010, we started a showroom focused on emerging designers using the traditional method of obtaining sales.  However, the market we encounter is a difficult one so we’ve adjusted our approach. We now aim to create an accessible and curated space that gives a platform for young designers to showcase their talent.

We shifted our focus from the standard showroom model to a collaborative showroom. In our second season, SS18, we showed 30 brands in three marketplaces: New York, Paris, and Los Angeles.  Throughout the season, brands & buyers interfaced, collaborated, and bonded in an uplifting environment.  What we’re most proud of at the The Turf @ In Support Of: Our Community.

With this project we are building a collective of like-minded individuals in a collaborative environment. We focus on uplifting all participants so that their collection has a place to thrive and reach it’s maximum potential for the season.  Further, we seek to connect appreciative buyers looking for newness with young talent. We’re now in the process of looking for brands to participate in our FW18 season. If you'd like to participate in our FW18 market please reach out to for an application.

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30 brands participated in our collaborative showroom.
Arc Jewellery, Ark, Better Late Than Never, Christine Alcalay, Combine De Filles, C.V. Saint, Dama, Elohim By Sabrina Goh, Ensemble The Label, Ete Noir, Faeber Studio, Gravel & Gold, Hannah Kristina Metz, House Dress, Katrin Reifeiss, Lick Studios, Lucia Pearl, Luz Ortiz, Minoux Jewelry, Noorism, Plante, Poppy + Pima, Reifhaus, Selva Negra, Stil, Terhi Pölkki, The Stowe, Vincetta, Waltz, Whying

114 buyers in attendance.Ad Hoc, American Rag Japan, Anaise, Angelina, Anglobal, Anomie, Antoinette, Are, Aro, Assembly, Association Shop, At Land, Avenue, Azalea, Ban.Do, Barneys Japan, Baycrews, Beklina, Bell Jar, Bernstein & Gold, Beymen, Bishops Collective, Bollide I, Bonadrag, Brooklyn Industries, Cameron Marks, Charlie & Lee, Chen Cheun, Cityshop, Contiuum OTR, December Thieves, Deuxieme Classe, Duo, Easy Tiger, Fawn,  Fuggiamo, Garmentory, George, Glasswing Shop, Goldyn, Gravel & Gold, Half Mad, Hauz of Bazar, Hawthorne, Hazel & Rose, Hey Jude, Honey & Ro, Horizons Vintage, Idewild, Individual Medley, Joan, Johan, Judith, Juniper, Kaight, Kaleidos, Kiwi, Lake, Le Point, Lisa Says Gah, Lou & Grey, Maimoun, Maison de Mode, Make Ready, Maris Dehart, Midland, Milay Vintage, Minbart, Much & Little, My Boon, Myrtle, N-Duo Concept, N’ETC, Na Nin, Nonna, Olga’s, Olive Austin, One Another Store, One Of A Few, P45, Palace Store, Patricia Finds, Personnel of NY, Portabello Road, Portland Trading Company, Prism, Rand + Statler, Redeem, Reservoir LA, Reunion Boutique, Rizzi B, Salt & Pepper, Ships, Shop spool, Shop Super Street, St. Cloud, Stand Up Comedy, Studio Den, Swords-Smith, Task, The Future of Frances Watson, The Rising States, Tictail, TMBTITWI, Tomorrowland, Topwin / Takashimaya, United Arrows, Vert & Vogue, Voyager / Revolver, Wait & See, Well Made Clothes, West End Select Shop, WM Goods, Zane


If you should choose to participate in our collaborative showroom this is what you will get:
Outreach to a comprehensive list of buyers on your brand’s behalf.
Inclusion in our market outreach collateral and branding (example further on in this document).
Access to a shared calendar of appointments.
Introduction of your brand to the market by experienced sales staff.
An overall sense of community in an increasingly difficult and fragmented market place.


Do you take commission on sales made? No.

Am I required to be at the showroom the whole time? We ask that you are at the showroom to show your line, however should you be unable to be there we can show your collection on your behalf for an additional fee, please do inquire if this is something you would be interested in. If you are able to attend, but expect to step out occasionally during market don’t worry - we’ll show your collection on your behalf should you miss an appointment here or there.

What kind of space will I be provided, should I participate? As we operate the space as a collaborative showroom, please note that we do not set up our space as booths. We analyze all participants and organize our space to optimize flow of buyers and provide thoughtful adjacencies between participants. Seating is communal, but you will never be placed in a location that is not easily accessible to your selection of fixtures.

Do you do follow up on behalf of my brand? No, we do not do follow up after the collaborative showroom for your brand. However, should a buyer express interest in your collection and if you missed out on getting their information, we’ll gladly introduce them to you so you can complete relevant follow up.

I’m looking for more traditional showroom representation, is this something you offer? Yes, however on a case by case basis, please inquire if you’d like to discuss.

join us!

Any other questions or would you like to fill out an application? Please send an inquiry to for more info.