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Another season has gone and now we are planning our next market:  SS19.


We’ve listened to your feedback and are going to make several changes.  First off you’ll note that our New York dates have been truncated due to overwhelming requests for this. We did think the longer showing period was beneficial but do realize that it can also be a burden.  As a result, we’re now only showing in NYC for 4 days. Hopefully this will decrease the difficulty of having to be in attendance at our wholesale event and also pressure buyers to visit us with more of a sense of urgency.

The flip side of this change is that we’re truly asking you - the designers - to be in our collaborative space as much as possible during our market dates. The shortened showing time will increase the density of appointments and we may not be able to introduce your collection to buyers should you not be in.

We’re aiming to show in Paris again, but there we’ve decided to remove the pressure of asking for your attendance to show your collection there. This time, if you’d like to participate with us, we will show your line on your behalf. All we require is that you make shipping arrangements for your collection, including delivery and pick up.

As usual we’re requesting all of our brands to do as much outreach to buyers as possible. We would love to increase the buyer attendance rate at the show, but we need to have all hands on deck to do so. If there’s a buyer you’d really like to meet with please make sure to work as hard as you can to achieve this since there is only so much we can do with our limited staff. We’re all on the same team so let’s make it happen!

Lastl, we’re still focusing on our community building efforts so we plan to increase the number of sponsors for the upcoming market so that we all can get the support we need to grow. Wholesale, as we all know, is becoming more difficult and it has required us to think outside of the box. If you have any ideas or suggestions of programming during market that you think could be of a positive benefit to us all please let us know since we are here to help as much as we can.

we look forward to you possibly joining us next season!

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31 brands participated in our collaborative showroom.
Ara Handbags, Arc Jewellery, Arcana, Ark, Cradle, Better Late Than Never, CV Saint, Elohim by Sabrina Goh, Ete Noir, Faeber Studio, Gravel & Gold, Hannah Kristina Metz, House Dress, Lucia Pearl, Luz Ortiz, Megan Huntz, Minoux Jewelry, Noorism, Of Her Own Kind, Open Air Museum, Plante, Poppy + Pima, Rafa, Reifhaus, Stil, Textilehaus, The Stowe, Tiro Tiro, Vincetta, Waltz, Wooln


100+ buyers in attendance.
A Cheng, Absolute te-ma, Ad-Hoc, Aggregate Supply, Alexis, Aloja, American Two Shot,  Amour Vert, Anomie, Antionette, Association Shop, August Market, Azalea, Bando., Basic, Basil, Baycrews, Bell Jar, Berte, Bishops Collective, Brooklyn Industries, Cameron Marks, Canon, Cedar & Hyde, Charlie & Lee, Conifer, Continuum, Dandilion Post, Days LA, December Thieves, Drawing for Numbers (Japan), Duo NY, Either And, Estnation (Japan), Fawn, Field Study, Floradora, Folk, Framework, Fuggiamo, Garmentory, Golden Threads Vintage, Hazel & Rose, Honey & Ro, Horizons Vintage, Inside Out, Jake & Jones, Johan, Journal Standard, Judith, Juniper, Kaight, Kiwi, Lake, Lou & Grey, Maison De Mode, Maison De Reefer (Japan), Make Ready, Manouche, Mira Mira, Mixed Business LA, Mutiny, Myrtle, Noble, Of A Kind, Olive, ONA Brooklyn, One Another, One of A Few, Otherwild, Over the Ocean, P45, Palace Store, Parc, Parker, Pas Mal, Patricia Finds, Per Lei Couture, Personnel of NY, Piermarini, Plague (Japan), Prism, Redeem, Relume (Japan), Rizzie B, Ron Herman Japan, Scarpa, Seam USA, Serafina, Ships, Shop Boswell, St. Cloud, Stature, Studio Den, Swordsmith, The Block, The Clothiers Daughter, The Future Of Frances Watson, The Most Beautiful Thing in the World Is…, The New Classics, Tomorrowland (Japan), Vert & Vogue, Verve, Voyager / Revolver, West End Select Shop, WM Goods


If you should choose to participate in our collaborative showroom this is what you will get:
Outreach to a comprehensive list of buyers on your brand’s behalf.
Inclusion in our market outreach collateral and branding (example further on in this document).
Access to a shared calendar of appointments.
Introduction of your brand to the market by experienced sales staff.
An overall sense of community in an increasingly difficult and fragmented market place.


Do you take commission on sales made? No.

Am I required to be at the showroom the whole time? We ask that you are at the showroom to show your line, however should you be unable to be there we can show your collection on your behalf for an additional fee, please do inquire if this is something you would be interested in. If you are able to attend, but expect to step out occasionally during market don’t worry - we’ll show your collection on your behalf should you miss an appointment here or there.

What kind of space will I be provided, should I participate? As we operate the space as a collaborative showroom, please note that we do not set up our space as booths. We analyze all participants and organize our space to optimize flow of buyers and provide thoughtful adjacencies between participants. Seating is communal, but you will never be placed in a location that is not easily accessible to your selection of fixtures.

Do you do follow up on behalf of my brand? No, we do not do follow up after the collaborative showroom for your brand. However, should a buyer express interest in your collection and if you missed out on getting their information, we’ll gladly introduce them to you so you can complete relevant follow up.

I’m looking for more traditional showroom representation, is this something you offer? Yes, however on a case by case basis, please inquire if you’d like to discuss.

join us!

Any other questions or would you like to fill out an application? Please send an inquiry to for more info.